Hosted Solutions

Moving your expensive computing resources offsite so Northern Summit Technology can “host” them results in a long list of benefits.

When your servers and software applications are managed by your provider at their location, all the maintenance, updates, and upgrades are taken care of for you. And, your teams have on-demand access to the files they need, from anywhere at any time.

By operating in this way -- with your productivity tools in the cloud -- you’ll reduce your technology headaches and costs, and you’ll get a whole lot more:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Dedicated account management and support
  • Complete up-to-date operating system licenses
  • 99% uptime with day-and-night helpdesk support
  • Totally secure network firewalls and intrusion detection

Northern Summit Technology’s hosted solutions deliver simplicity to companies of all sizes. Plus cost savings, increased productivity, and the seamless integration of their entire IT infrastructure -- all managed from under one roof by proven technology experts.