Desktop Support

We’ll install, maintain, and repair all office desktop computers: Windows, Linux, or Mac.

Desktop support from Northern Summit Technology covers everything you need to minimize computer downtime. Your machines will be set up to run quickly, efficiently, and securely, and can be formatted to handle any software or special purposes your company requires.

Our expertise in computer installation and maintenance extends to your laptops, tablets, and smartphones, too, with the following features:

  • Totally reliable data backup and recovery plans
  • Real-time monitoring of processes and performance
  • Regularly updated virus, phishing, and spam protections
  • Always up-to-date operating systems and desktop software
  • Onsite or remote technical support to guarantee quick response times

Regardless of whether your network includes 20 computers, 200, or 2000, Northern Summit Technology ensures they’re always up and running, up-to-date, and guarded from cyber threats.