Disaster Recovery Planning

A detailed, systematic disaster recovery plan is a critical piece of any strong business IT program.

Companies of all sizes, in all industries, leave themselves open to serious problems if they don’t have procedures in place to ensure speedy recoveries after accidents happen. These can come in the form of thefts, fires, natural disasters, or cyber attacks, but none of them will be insurmountable with the right planning.

With Northern Summit Technology as your IT partner, you’ll be fully prepared to get your phone lines, internet service, servers, and workstations back online in short order, without which you’re in danger of losing everything. Your recovery strategy will be customized to meet your precise business needs, and include:

  • Fail-safe data backups with automated archiving
  • Offsite secured storage on durable, removable media
  • Clear, logical documentation of the process after a downtime event
  • Virtualized servers and software for immediate access after failures
  • Hybrid options that utilize both onsite hardware and cloud-based storage

The most beneficial disaster recovery plan lays out clearly and comprehensively the steps for restoring your business after the unfortunate happens. Without one, there is a real risk that your company won’t continue its normal operations in a time frame suitable to all your stakeholders -- which can be devastating.