Data Backup Solutions

Northern Summit Technology has been around for a while, so we know all about the serious repercussions associated with lax data protection systems.

We handle the hardware installation, software maintenance, and awareness training that comprise a good data backup solution, because without it, your company is at risk of going under. Imagine being unable to communicate with stakeholders, update files, or work on projects.

Our holistic approach to preserving your precious data involves protecting your files, guaranteeing data redundancy, and installing on-demand archiving functions for easy access to historical data; and the features don’t stop there:

  • Unlimited backups for Mac or PC
  • 24/7 data monitoring and maintenance
  • Totally secure, encrypted cloud storage
  • Clearly-defined data recovery procedures
  • Centralized management for easy upkeep

Every day, companies falter -- or even fail -- due to data-loss downtime events. But you can prevent your business from becoming a statistic by calling on Northern Summit Technology for your data backup solutions. We’ll put preventive, detective, and corrective measures in place for total security and peace of mind.