Email/Spam Protection

The spam comes fast and furious these days, but Northern Summit Technology’s technicians are Outlook and Gmail security specialists.

Without reliable communications, your business is at risk of falling behind the competition. That’s why it’s so important to have email that’s available at all times, which may not be the case if your employees’ inboxes are deluged by spam.

Spam messages are dangerous because they contain disguised malware links or virus files that will bring your email servers to a halt, or take your company data hostage so you can’t even access it. Unless you have Northern Summit Technology email/spam protection, which includes:

  • Spam alerts and notices on impostor emails
  • Inboxes protected from junk emails and spam
  • Country-based filtering and DNS-based blacklisting
  • Robust authentication and challenge/response schemes
  • Email address disguising so users’ emails can’t be collected from the web

If your email servers aren’t properly protected by up-to-date spam filters, and your employees aren’t adequately trained on recognizing junk email and phishing attempts, you’re leaving your business open to serious issues. For a free consultation on your email security, call us today!